La Peña House | Architecture Style

La Peña House

May 24, 2012
Jaime Navarro
Valle de Bravo, Mexico
943 sqm
Giron Megaproyectos S.A. de C.V. Ing. Humberto Giron
Isabel Maldonado
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Sited in Valle de Bravo on a property of 1117 square meters, this house is a project at the bottom of the cliff that highlights and frames the beautiful great lake views from within. Due to the irregular ground where it is located, it has been solved in three levels to also blend into the landscape. This creative solution, allows the house to comply with the clients request of versatility and functionality to adapt itself to their needs as well as the visitors.

The terrains orientation and location inland on a small peninsula of the Valle de Bravo´s dam, provides the house with a micro-climate of its own created through the construction of large windows, concrete walls and stone. These carefully chosen materials maintain the heat during the night and preserve a cool environment during the day.

The architectural volumetric configuration of the façade that faces the lake and the integration of the terraces, provides a visual extension of each and every area inside. This captures a unique inside view of the exterior from each one of these areas.

The concrete slab that tops this amazing structure has been covered with natural wood to enhance the inside of the house and has been covered with a stone finish on the exterior face that unfolds as a piece origami that camouflages this house into the mountains.

All the public areas as well as the circulations have been designed to be monochromatic, where the raw concrete walls, the granite and the recycled wood emphasize the light that comes through these walls, creating a natural game of shadows and light.